Trust & Investment Services

Trust Services

The Trust Department of First National Bank of Crossett provides a wide range of trust services. Our trust professionals, Rebecca Shiver and Debra Cooke, know that managing your assets is a highly important responsibility requiring the attention of professionals you know and trust.
Personal Trust Services
Selection of a trustee to preserve and grow your assets is a very important decision. By naming FNBC the trustee of your trust, our professionals will manage your assets to their greatest potential. Our Personal Trust Services include:
Revocable Living Trusts
This type of trust provides you with control of your assets during your lifetime, and the execution of your instructions upon your death. This type of trust also provides you with investment management and asset protection if you should become ill or incapacitated. A revocable living trust also avoids the costs and delays with the probate process.
Irrevocable Trusts
The benefit of this type of trust is that it can effectively remove assets from the grantor's taxable estate. The use of irrevocable trusts involves a multitude of sophisticated complex tax rules, so let FNBC work with you and your tax planning professional to see if this is a good option.

Testamentary Trusts
This type of trust is created by your will and provides for the orderly distribution of assets as outlined in your will. A testamentary trust can also provide for long-term management of estate assets for your beneficiary or beneficiaries.
Charitable Trusts
Charitable trusts enable you to name your favorite charities as beneficiaries while you utilize your assets during your lifetime. These trusts may have significant tax advantages.
Life Insurance Trusts
These trusts ensure that your family is financially provided for at your death.
Investment Management and Custodial Accounts
Often your financial needs are outside the realm of checking and savings accounts. You may need assistance with developing a strategy for your investments and guidance in finding investments from all of the alternatives available to you. FNBC can work with you to meet these needs. Or we can serve as the custodian of your assets - working for you as your financial secretary.

Whatever our role - investment manager or custodian - we will safekeep your assets, execute trades, collect your investment earnings, maintain accurate records and detailed tax information, and provide you with statements on a periodic basis.
Corporate Trust Services
We can serve as corporate trustee, paying agent, registrar & transfer agent, or refunding escrow agent. Our services include: transfer processing, tax reporting, holder reporting, principal and interest payment, and bond call processing.

Our goal is to help you plan for your future. We will work with you, your tax advisor, and your attorney to analyze your situation, to define your goals, and to assist in the design of a plan to accomplish your goals. Contact our trust department professionals, Rebecca Shiver or Debra Cooke, by phone at 870-364-1300 or by e-mail at or

Link Investment Services

Start enjoying life today knowing that you are successfully planning for tomorrow. FNBC is pleased to offer convenient, on-site financial planning and brokerage services through Link Investment Services. Located conveniently inside the main branch, Link Investment Services offers financial planning advice for your long-term financial plan. We also offer second-opinion advice on the viability of your long-term financial plan. 

Your financial consultant will help you develop an appropriately diversified portfolio that matches up with your personal circumstances, investor profile, short-term needs and long-term needs and goals. 

Services for Individual and Business Clients
As a full-service financial planning firm, Link Investment Services offers a broad range of investment and protection products to individuals and business clients. For years, we’ve been helping clients achieve their life goals.

Contact a Link Investment Services consultant today to discuss:

  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Tax & Non-tax Planning
  • Trust Services
  • Fixed Income Services & Structure Products
  • Global Wealth Management
  • Business Investment Services
  • Employee Benefits Planning
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Investment Products:
Are Not Insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government Agency.  
Are Not Deposits of or Guaranteed by a Bank or any Bank Affiliate.
May Lose Value.